We Pioneer Advancements in Specialty medicine

Product Innovation _

We are in business of innovation in "Specialty Nanotherapeutics “.
Our unique translational technology focused endeavour brings together scientific professionals from multiple disciplines who are involved in drug technologies to collectively envision and create new therapeutics for advancing the current treatment paradigms

Therapeutic Areas _

Proprietary drug delivery technology:
We have developed a portfolio of products using our proprietary drug delivery technology that offers advancement in treatment in specific therapeutic areas :
• Pain management
• Supportive care
• CNS Disorders
• Immunomodulators
• Cardiovascular disorders
• Hormonal disorders
• Oncology

Business Model _

At Leiutis we create next generation products that have better pharmacology and/or product profile in specific therapeutic areas. Our business model is to invest in technology and develop Specialty Nanotherapeutics for selected therapy areas and we then collaborate with pharmaceutical companies for next stage of drug development and commercialization.